In space, nobody can hear you pull your hair out.

User Rating: 1 | X3: Terran Conflict PC
When I picked this up, i thought. WOW, a space sim! These really are few and far between. And from the way it sounded, it looked like a single player "EVE online".

The graphics are great. Space is a beautiful place and I think they did it really well. But that is where the praise of this game stops.

So basically, you are thrown into space. The game throws you a few sticks, when what you need is a log to hold on to keep from drowning. The tutorial is very short and very uninformative. It basically tells you how to move around, and thats it. Then you are on your own. The game tells you NOTHING else. No examples on how to trade, nothing on combat, nothing on how to do anything else.

For instance, I wanted to start grinding for some cash. So, I asked a npc on how to mine. She get get a mining laser and shoot an asteroid. Ok, simple enough. Well....Where the hell do I get one of those? Free trade station? Nope. Oh I know, a mining platform. Nope. Orbital platform? Nope. Still have yet to find a mining laser.

Ok, hows about some side missions? Ok, where do I pick some of those up? "Luckily" I figured out how to find some and accept them by accident. Too bad the game loves to throw lots of "hard" and "very hard" missions at you. Ya, thats great. Im a noob and you are offering me hard missions. Wait, whats this? Taxi service. Dock at a station and pick someone up, then haul them to where they wana go. Simple, right? Wrong. After an hour of clicking around, checking every menu I have yet figure out how to tell this person to get on my ship!

Oh and this is great. Almost all missions have a time limit. And I know what you are thinking....whats wrong with that? Oh, just about everything. You see, this time limit doesn't start when you accept the mission, this time limit starts when the mission SPAWNS. So, the clock is ticking, before you even know its ticking. You could find a mission, when it has 2 minutes remaining. WTF if the point of that. Offering me a mission that isn't mathematically possible to complete?

Oh, and possibly THE most infuriating part of the game. The navigation. Space is big, really really big and if you wana fly somewhere, you gata FLY there. Sorry, no skipping right to where you wana go, this is realistic boys and girls. So they made this thing called "SETA" which is basically a fast forward button, which could be rather convenient if it didn't deactivate constantly. And the autopilot is stupid. It has no concept of a straight line. If you are going to be within 5 km of something, it will turn to avoid it and take a scenic route. And youd think "well, the autopilot is just being careful, wouldn't want to crash would you?" It makes you crash. Often. It also makes any of the ships following you crash too.

1/10 All flash. No substance. Probably has tons of content, to bad you will never be able to figure out how take advantage of it.