X-Wing Collector's Series Cheats For PC

  1. Santa Claus on the Independence

    Set your computer clock to December 25th (Christmas Day.) Aboard the Independence in X-Wing (the screen you are taken to immediately after you select your pilot,) look towards the bottom of the screen. One of the people there is Santa Claus holding his sack of presents.

    Contributed by: jmacpenguin 

  2. Various X-Wing Alliance Codes

    Enter during gameplay

    Code Effect
    IAMACHEATER Cheat mode
    EWOKSRULE Invincibility
    MASTERYODA Infinite ammo
    KILLMENOW Lose current level
    HYPERMETO (Level) Warp to (level)
    DARTHVADERRULES Fly Imperial Craft in Every mission

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy