Are there going to be 500+ stations per sector?

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Or is there going to be a more reasonable number this time? X3 drove me crazy having so many stations per sector. Or is it going to be more like Escape Velocity where there is a reasonable amount of stations per sector? Like 1 or 2. I really do not have the time to visit 500 different stations everytime I move into another sector.
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Taking 500 as an exaggeration, X3 wasn't that bad, I mean, if you didn't have a lot of time, you really shouldn't have played X3, that game's designed to sqeeze the very last second out of your life. I'd actually like to see 500+ stations in every sector, that would be epic

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Stations are just there to give you basically missions and items. There's absolutely no reason to have more than 1 or 2. What's the point of having scores of stations(or docking areas, to be more precise)?
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You are not very much into X game, do you  ? :)

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@stan_hg said:

You are not very much into X game, do you ? :)

I guess not. But I do like the genre. Escape Velocity was awesome. I just don't see the point of having dozens/scores/hundreds of different stations in each sector.