Great multiplayer fun

User Rating: 8.5 | X-Men: The Arcade Game X360
If you played this game on the actual arcades with your friends, you will love playing it on the xbox. I remember tossing in token after token to finish the game with my friends and it was a challenge with 5 of us as Magneto was hard.

Playing now as an adult, I have heaps of fun especially when 6 players are on the screen. It's one of those few games where you can have 6 on a team against the AI (not comparing to shooters). The voices seem like they've been recorded with new clear recordings as I don't remember it being like this at the arcades! So plus points for that. You also get to play the Japanese ROM which I didn't experience before, wish we had it as a kid.

Get the game! Its short and can be finished within half an hour easily but you'll keep playing it regardless! One negative point is slow hosts can really make the game drag and stutter.