Decent game but nothing you have not seen before...

Hey guys, well asswarrior is back and I am here to review Madden 2008, I havn't reviewed anything in a while so bare with me...

anyway, lets get to the review!


While their may not be anything new that has been added to this game, Madden definately improved on what they already have. First, the superstar mode has gotten a little bit better, its gotten a little more complex and overall...more fun to play. The game also improved its create a uniform mode because now you actually have the option to put your team's logo on the new uniform! Meh, its a big deal to me people! Anyway, the game still has that same "feel" to it, and its still a really fun game that you will enjoy either by yourself, or with a friend. The rosters are updated ofcourse, and the graphics are pretty much the same (for PS2 at least). The Franchise mode has gotten a little better, but its still pretty much what its been the past 2 years. I dont like how they took away that radio show that used to play in the franchise menu screen but...whatever. The Franchise mode is really fun to play and in my opinion, the main part of Madden. But...the only problem is..havn't I been playing this in the last 2 years? Couldnt they have added a few new features?? I understand that they added Fantasy mode but...thats not enough! THE BAD:

The main problem with the game is that its just way to similar to what Madden has produced the past 2 years. Madden 07 was the same as Madden 06 and now Madden 08 is the same as Madden 07! They need to add something new! In Franchise mode, they could have added the option to look at tapes and see how your next opponent's offence is run, but WATCHING it not reading a bunch of lines and arrows. They could have also added a "crib" feature similar to what 2k sports did when they were doing football games (which were better than the Madden series by the way). Another feature that would have been cool is first person! I always play Madden 08 and wonder how it could be if they had first person view (again...much like the 2k sports football games). The superstar mode could be alot better if it is played in first person view, it could also make it alot more realistic! OVERALL:

All in all, Madden 08 is what it is...just another Madden game in the long series. Its nothing you havn't seen before and its just...nothing special. Madden 08 is still a fun game to play, Franchise mode will keep you busy for weeks if not monthes, and superstar mode will do just the same, but honestly, do you want to spend 50 bucks for basically the same game as Madden 07? I know I dont, and you shouldnt too. Use your money wisely and just buy Madden 06 or 07, trust me...its the same as this.

Thanks for reading my review, if you have any questions or comments make sure to send me a message via the PM system! _asswarrior