Excellent game overall - arcade feel with superb soundtrack and good story line

User Rating: 10 | X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse PC
Firstly, I will admit that I am an X-men fan so I was able to notice things related to the X-men that probably a normal gamer wouldn't have appreciated.

Comparing to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I found X-Men legends II had a better story line and a much better soundtrack. It tells the tale of a dark and grim future thanks to the threat of Apocalypse and the music tends to get sadder as the game progresses.

The CGI movies were great and the chats between characters before missions are very entertaining to watch - it really gets you into the game. The graphics aren't spectacular but I'm giving the graphics a 10/10 score they did a fantastic job to make the game run on very low spec machines. Mine was a crappy machine but it ran so smoothly - I used a 32MB vga card.

The sound effects were real arcade style effects - perfect for the game as it was a real beat em up sorta game.

The voice acting was great, and if you have certain characters in the stage - they will say extra things when you just leave them alone (e.g. Juggernaut, Jean and Cyclops together - Juggs tries to flirt with Jean and Cyclops gets jealous).

Gameplay is generally easy but it takes skill to pull off some of the combos. Because of such combos, the game does push the average gamer instead of monotonous boring attack moves.