X-Men Destiny takes all the fun of being an X-Man and ruins it.

User Rating: 4.5 | X-Men: Destiny PS3
The first annoyance this game will give you is the 30 minute install time it needs to put the entire game on your harddrive. Why? I have no idea. The game's graphics don't have any kind of resemblance of needing to load a ton of data. It's mediocre at best.

After you've gone out and seen a movie, maybe your install will be done. When you begin playing you get to choose from 3 mutants. 1 of which is so cliche that he happens to be a football captain... who carries around a football with him everywhere he goes... even to a mutant rally? Anyway, the game unfolds and you find yourself fighting alongside X-Men and members of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Choosing which side and powers you want is totally up to you. The powers you gain are based on some of the more popular mutants from the X-Men universe. The game's gameplay is repetitive and boring. You spend most of your time doing simplistic attacks, only to throw out a mutant special here and there once your mutant meter has been filled. Overall, the game moves at a very slow pace, and even the menus move at a slow pace. If you accidentally pick a dialogue you've already heard as well, sit back and wait... there's no skipping through those either. So try not to be quick with the menus, or you'll end up hearing the same drivel over and over.

The voice acting was done pretty well, except some of the voices don't fit the characters at all. Gambit's voice (who I think was done by Phil Lamarr) was way off. Mr. Lamarr usually does some good work, but he can't pull off a cajun accent to save his life. Anyway, back to the game... it's slow, boring, repetitive, and short. Mainly because the people who made it probably aren't very good at what they're doing and had to meet a deadline, so they just cut corners, shortened a story, and hoped that the X-Men label would attract some buyers. The last good game Silicon Knights produced was Legacy of Kain... and it's been a while since those made any kind of waves. The gameplay and graphics look like they're straight out of the year the last Kain game was made... RENT THIS GAME FIRST. You probably won't buy it.