This a pretty good game. If you love going on missions and fighting enemies then this is the kind of game for you.

User Rating: 9 | X-Men 2: Clone Wars GEN
Game Play: This game has pretty good game play. In each stage, you fight bad guys and go on a mission. It's pretty hard at first so it takes allot of practice to complete the game. Unfortunately, at the beginning, you don't get to choose which character you play as. Instead, it randomly picks the character you play as in the first stage so if you want to pick your character then you have to keep resetting it until it picks the character you want to play as. That isn't too bad since any character is good for the first stage anyway and in all the stages afterwords, it lets you pick which character you want to play as. Each level has a boss just like most other games and it's got some pretty good challenging bosses. Something I really like is that later, you free Magneto and then he becomes a playable character. He comes in pretty handy for some stages like the one where you fight Apocalypse but also he's pretty slow for some stages. Each character has a very cool fighting move like Wolverine uses his claws, Cyclops shoots, Nightcrawler disappears and re-appears somewhere else, etc. and also if you play as Wolverine then if your health bar is very low then if you stand still for a while then it will help build some of it back up.

Music/Sound: This game has some pretty good music. Allot of it goes very well with the action and what stage you are in. The sound effects are pretty good since they are more realistic instead of having some weird noise when you jump and such. All of the characters have the same grunt when they get hit except for Psylock who has a female grunt since she's the only female character playable.

Overall: I give this game a 9.0 since it's a pretty good game.