X-Men 2: Clone Wars just doesn't live up to it's predecessor.

User Rating: 7.3 | X-Men 2: Clone Wars GEN
X-Men 2: Clone Wars was released for the Genesis in 1995. It's a side-scrolling action that features your favorite X-Men and Magneto as a playable character. The evil Phalanx are producing clones and it's your job to stop them. Gameplay-In X-Men 2 you get to control some of your favorite X-Men, Wolverine, Gambit, Beast, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and Psylocke. Magneto joins your team after you defeat him. Each character gets to use their mutant ability, except for Wolverine, I didn't see his health going up at all when playing the game. The game has alot of platforming(which gets ridiculous on the later levels) and you are killing guys right and left to get to the end boss. The main levels are broken up into smaller levels and you always get to select a character when you start any level. So you can play as multiple characters to complete a main level which is cool. Some of the levels are a little repetitive and it can be easy to get lost in them. This game is very challanging, your health bar is very small but you can get small and large strands of DNA that refill your health meter. One thing missing from this game that was in the first X-Men is animated cut scenes to tell the story. In stead you get your story in the form of updates from a computer screen, this is also where you also select your character for the current level that your on. This makes the storytelling very bland and really hurts the game. They also took away the ability to call on your other X-Men for backup. While these may seem like small changes they really hurt the game. Graphics-The graphics are good, the characters look good , but there isn't alot of color in some of the level backgrounds. Sound-Overall the sound is good but nothing great. The background music is good, so are explosions, and the sound of punches, and kicks. Value-You might come back to this game, it's fun to play but the poor storytelling really hurts the game. Tilt-Overall it's a good game, but there are better 16-bit era X-Men games.