WWII Normandy Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Mode

    Press ''~'' to bring up the cheat menu. Enter the following to activate the specific cheats:

    Code Effect
    noclip Enable/Diable clipping mode
    give Colt45Ammo Colt 45 Ammo
    give BazookaAmmo Bazooka mmo
    give MachineGunAmmo Machine Gun Ammo
    give Backpack Backpack
    give RifleAmmo Rifle Ammo
    give Machete Machete
    give Colt45 Colt 45
    give Bazooka Bazooka
    give Rifle Rifle
    give Bazooka Bazooka
    give Machinegun Machinegun
    give Landmine Landmine

    Contributed by: eli0918