full of mistakes but was good for its time...yea gotta love wrestling(WWF/WWE) to really enjoy this game.

User Rating: 8.1 | WWE Raw XBOX
Graphics: for its time when i played it, it looked 9-10 but after playin wwe raw2 and stuff this is nothing but a solid 8 in graphics then Gameplay: you gotta enjoy wrestling to enjoy this game i do so yea this game rocked for me the AI was ok and there was its bad other then that i really enjoyed it for its time. Sound: nothing wrong here wwe soundtrack and music all good no voices and stuff but it was a soild 9 Value: what more fun then wrestling buddys it was good a solid 8-9 for value i remember beating friends up ect... having 3on1 and stuff was so fun again yea have to be a fan of wresting to enjoy it to its fullest