A GREAT game.

User Rating: 9 | WWE Raw XBOX
I picked up WWF RAW cause I'm a WWF fan more than a WWE fan, and it's a nice game, a few problems albeit, and some frustarating parts, but all wrestling games get a little frustrating, even SvR 2007 does. Lemme break it down for ya.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics are amazing for it's time, although a few wrestler got seriously screwed up, Triple H looks like a mutated mouseman, and chris benoit looks a little messed up, but the arena. WOW! the crowd is OK for a 2001 game, and the titantron videos are movie theatre quality, overall, the graphics are decent.

Sound 10/10

The sound is AMAZING, the entrance music sounds CD quality and the heavy metal music for the menus are sooooooo AWESOME! you'll never get tired of hearing it! even the announcer sounds real, except for the fact that she is'nt a real WWF announcer, that is'nt Lillian, it's some voice actress they hired, witch makes me wonder why they would'nt have Lillian lend her beautiful voice to an awesome game...

Gameplay 7/10

Ok, that gameplay is'nt extremely amazing, and can be a little frustrating. But it's still good, the grappling sytem is good and strikes are easy, but the countering system sucks, it's almost impossible to counter a move, it can be a pain when your opponent is beating the crap out of you with constant strikes, and you can't stop it untill he stops or you just happen to counter it, mostly this just happens on difficultys above "Easy" finishers are kinda a pain, the voltage meter is hard to fill sometimes, if you use a move too much in a match, it won't go up anymore, it just goes down, ans gives all your voltage to your opponent, but when you do get your voltage meter high enough, you just have you use the right strike attack to make your opponent "groggy" when he's "groggy" he'll stand there looking at the ground and moving like he's feeling woozy, then you hit "A" to grapple(assuming your using default controls), then hit A+B and you do your finisher!

AI 7/10

The AI is OK. But not great, the AI does dumb things, like in a Hardcore match, the AI will run into then back out of the ring, as if it's trying to reset the 10-count, and it occasionaly gets stuck on the steel steps, and keeps running forward twords the steps, till you direct it another direction, it's pretty comical for the first 20 times, then it's just dumb.

features and roster 7/10

while there's enough features to keep ya going for around 20-40 hours, it lacks a few things, there is only a few match types, 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 1 vs. 3, 1 vs. 2, Triple Threat, Fatal Four-Way, and 4-Man Battle Royal, you can have normal or Hardcore matches, there is also King of the Ring tournament. Then there's Title match, witch is the closest thing you'll get to Season mode, you can compete for the following titles: WWF Championship, WWF Intercontinental Championship, WWF European Championship, the WWF Hardcore Championship, and the WWF Women's Championship. 3 of these titles unlock new wrestlers after winning them, the wrestlers are:
Mr. McMahon(win WWF Championship)
Shane McMahon(win WWF Hardcore championship)
and the lovely Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley(win WWF Women's Championship). And there are a ton of weapons and clothing to find, go into any match, and break open one of the crates scattered throughout the arena, and press B to pick up the weapon or clothing, for clothing, press B a scecond time to put the chothing on, it's pretty funny to see Stone Cold Steve Austin in a sombrero, it never gets old!
The Create a Superstar mode is good and bad, the good is there is TONS of customization, so it's fun to make new superstars, or add WWF superstars not in the game, like HBK. But the bad is, all the female faces in CAS look like DUDES!!!!
But on the other hand, the entrance customization is deep, you edit everything from the color of the ramp lights, to how your Superstar enters the ring. Another feature that is cool, is the WWF Museium, witch lets you view the bio, info and entrance video(full screen video!), it never gets old watching Triple H's or Stephanie McMahons ebtrance video and hearing their entrance music. The roster is somewhat Decent, you got the big names like: The Rock, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin, but then you got people like, Justin Credible and K-KWIK, I mean who the H*** are these people? and finally the arenas, there is only 1 arena, the WWF RAW Arena, the King of the Ring match changes the arena, but only slightly, by that, I mean the KotR match is the RAW arena, but the Left and Right Titantrons, have changed from saying "RAW" to saying "KOR" so, that ain't much.

Overall, this game gets a 9.0 from me, so if your a WWF fan, or just a wrestling fan, and you come across this game. Buy it! it's well worth the $10 you'll pay for it, then some!