Raw is a pathetic excuse for a game and lacks in every field there is...

User Rating: 2.5 | WWE Raw XBOX
This game is dam right appauling, that just had to be said. The game is fustratingly bad, the finisher system i havnt yet figured out, i know the button but i dont have a clue when i can perform it. the moves are slow and look terrible. The grappling system is as poor as the movment syem, hard to get to grips with, hard to pull off moves and even harder to pull one off without your opponent reversing it.

The graphics on the game are just plain terrible, the xbox is capable of much more, ive seen better graphics on a psp. the graphics just look blurry all the time and the attention to detail (if there is any) is probably the worst ive ever seen, you can only tell the wrestlers apart from what their wearing, cos they dont look anything liek themselves.

The sound is...can you guess, CRAP. It sounds nothing like wrestling, i fact it doesnt sound like anything, just like a weird bang sound. I didnt notice if there was commentary, but if there was that was poor.

This game is a deffinitly a no go, just dont bother wasting your time or your money, i wudnt even play this game again if i was paid, the next time i go to my local gameshop im trading this heap of garbage in.

If your looking for a wrestling game i would recomend the smackdown series, or even the back yard wrestling games, their even better than this.