this is not the best review u wil ever see!!

User Rating: 2.7 | WWE Raw XBOX
i think this is the worst wrestling game that this shouldnt b classed as a wrestlin game at all. i mean wheres the season mode. there is no point of making a character up and not making him compete in a season. this game is pathetic.i mean this game cannot be on is ment to b a gd console but this isnt gd at all even if it was on ps2 they stil wouldnt b able to make it gd wen raw 2 comes out i wouldnt buy it cos it wil b as gd as smackdoen!know your role.if u like this game then im sorry but u dnt no wat a gd game is the only gd part of this game is the create a wrestler mode. i would rather u go out n buy wwe smackdown just bring it or know your role cos them games are worth your money but this game isnt worth 8 quid.