WWF RAW could'nt have gotten any worse.

User Rating: 5 | WWE Raw XBOX
I've had this game for so long and could not have waited any longer to tell you how bad this game is!!This game has such slow gameplay,slower than any other one yet,and the A.I. is just a total bummer.This game had its potential to do better than this ,but THQ I guess was just to lazy to make it any better.WWF RAW does not even have a story mode,but instead has a lame title shot challenge that I possibly beat everyone of them in less than two hours.This game does little things well such as entrances and modeling for the weapons but that is it.The graphics can be somewhat ok but some character models just plainly look terrible such as Triple H and Shane.Its a shame that this game could have had a little more time spent in it,and also could have had little things added to make it better but unfortunatly this game a just mediocre and nothing else to it.