If they took their time this would have been a great game

User Rating: 1 | WWF Raw GG
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Learning Curve: 1 hour

Score: 1 out of 10

If you remember the only real handheld that held any power against the Gameboy but ultimately lost was the Sega Gamegear, I got this for Christmas in 1994 and one of the games I got for it as a present was WWF Raw, which was a port from the SNES version now I was hoping that the game would be awesome, it's a known fact that games from sega seemed to fare better than the Nintendo counterparts did. I started to play this game and I was disappointed, it seems that this game was just really bad all, I remember being able to do was punch and kick, along with the standard flying off the top rope move. that's about all I could do, it had a power bar and to do the special move you had to get it to the full point without overdoing it because if you did than he'd do a normal move. and when your pounding on the buttons it isn't easy. The graphics were ok for it being a handheld system back in 94, the sounds were your standard sounds, punches and grunts mainly from what I remember. the controls were just horrendous the gamegear only had 2 buttons compared to the 4 that the SNES used. If your a fan of Wrestling or a collector I say get it but don't play it. this gets a lowly 1 out of 10 for being a rushed broken port of a great game.