The Smackdown series just can’t stop improving.

User Rating: 8.9 | WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw PS2
Smackdown vs. Raw is the best wrestling game that I have ever played. The gameplay is very good. The ability of being able to do 16 different facing grapple moves is great. There are four different grapples which are powerful, submission, signature and quick. In each of these grapples there are four moves in each. There is a body in the top of the screen. This shows what parts of the body have been damaged, which I think is a great idea. Also large wrestlers can’t be picked up by small wrestlers which makes the game more realistic. The collision detection in past games was pretty bad, and a lot of the moves did not work properly. Such as elbow drops of the turnbuckle and dropkicks. But now this has been fixed finally. A new feature for this game is dirty and clean tactics. This is another bar underneath the other one. To get your dirty meter up you have to do things like hitting people over the head with chairs and so on. Once this is full you can do a low blow which is as powerful as a finishing move. For clean tactics you need to taunt or do moves of the turnbuckle and so on. If you get the clean meter full your moves will be more powerful and your opponents will not be able to reverse or do moves to you. Both of these last for a limited time and you have the choice not to have these if you wish.

The create-a-character is greater than ever. You can actually put the proper height on like 6 foot 4 or something like that. There are lots of accessories and clothes to choose from. You can also make your created wrestler as old or as fat or thin as you like. Plus you can take a picture of him or her and this will show when selecting a wrestler for a match. Create a PPV is another new feature. This is where you can put one to eight matches and go through them all. You can choose any match type and wrestler to put into it, I think this is a great addition. Also you can create a belt and you can put anything you like on it. You can defend this belt too. You can also lose it so if your playing against a friend and they have there memory card in the other slot, and you lose they get the belt!

The season mode is great. There is actual voice acting from the wrestlers too as well as match commentary. The season mode will last some time and you can unlock legend wrestlers and experience points etc. The challenge mode is a great idea which adds more value to the game. You have to do certain things such as playing as the Undertaker against Mankind and throwing him of the hell in a cell.

The graphics are superb. The character models in particular are good. They look very much like the wrestlers. Plus the created wrestlers look nearly as good as them too. This games graphics are quite a bit better than Here Comes The pain. This is definitely the best wrestling game I have played and must be owned by all people who like them.