Mega Man Star Force 3

Mega Man Star Force 3 is actually a pretty decent game. It's not so Different from the Battle Network series. The inventive card-battling action-RPG reinvention of the franchise that was incredibly popular for a few years thanks, in large part, to a successful anime tie-in. The Star Force Series is a follow up to the Battle NetWork series. Pretty much the same game just not as popular as Battle Network. Star Force even has it's own Anime like Battle network did. It's just less popular to the kids.

Personally i enjoyed Star Force. Though it still kinda has an embarrissing story to it and plenty of filler content. Less backtracking and the random battles seem to occur less frequently. Capcom has also streamlined the overall map and put it on top of the cities and areas you come across.

There are some few things to enjoy about Mega Man Star Force 3. Like the combat, customization, and upgrading Mega Man. Star Force may seem pretty good to newcomers of Mega Man, but to Hardcor Mega Man fans it might be a littleliek "meh" than "AWSOME!"

The game isn't too bad though. The card based combat system is pretty good, fast-paced, and strategic, and the intensely challenging boss encounters are definitely the highlight of the adventure.

You will have to spend a few hours of trivial battle and the Elementary School dramas and mission get anoying and un nessacary at some points. Overall the game is Decent and enjoyable i give it a 8/10.