Its not a very bad game but its defilntly not the best zelda game.

The game is fun its just that well..... DID LINK GROW UP OR DOWN!
I mean not to say he looks worst but he acks a little younger and smaller.
Anyway whats good about this game is that Its 2 players which makes it really fun.

But the thing is that while you're 2 player as tingle you can't go to all the places with link , only places that that have maps which I think is a little boring because whats the use of tingle if you can't do these things.

1. You can't fight the last boss.

2. You only fight with a bomb.

3. Every time you pause or go to another room the tunner always stalls
I wish you could still be in another room whil link isn't and you can go any where you want to go.

One last thing I really hope threre will be a tingle tunner in Zelda twillight princes and they will make him look better then he does NOW !