It would be a physically more realistic...

It would be a physically more realistic and consistent, at least in the reality show greater adherence, it appears that the vehicles that are stuck to the floor, even on gravel surface, and not skating as a real rallying, several aspects could be improved, as the sound , Which does not show a realistic way. The best would take it to a more serious level of simulation, it is a pity that the games industry does not care about lovers simualadores RBR remains the best option in this regard, the only thing that saves him, is the fact League to present a recent rally, and anyone who likes this genre is worth testing, but really I was more disappointed at the gym until Codemasters has a sort of "handling butter" in DiRT2 & DIRT3, you can adjust it all making toward becoming more rigid in the answer, just needed to do the same, would be the perfect game for me, with a championship DiRT2 only real rally.