PoP: the Forgotten Sands, it is not the perfect game but its worth playing.

Prince of Persia the forgotten sands, it is not the perfect game but it is worth playing if you did play the previous PoP games and liked it this game will be nice to play also, it has new abilities and spells than freezing time, now you can use your fire ability to make a fire trail(traps for your enemies) also can make a stone armor(make you unattackable for some time)and making a wind storm(causing damages to the nearby enemies), also you get new ability by controlling time like freezing the water so you can climb it.

Although this game got all these new abilities and spells that it has some disadvantages, for the other PoP games this game is too short and the storyline also doesn't have this feeling to want to know what will happen next or what the ending would be looks like, all what you can enjoy in this game is solving the mazes in it and using your new spells by upgrading it.

The combat style also different than the previous PoP games, you will be facing a huge numbers of enemies in the same time and you can beat them easily even without dodging or using any spells, it's really easy game.

The Graphics of the game is not bad it is good, also the movement of the character it is easy to handle it.

In my opinion this game is good but it is not like the previous PoP games with its combat style which was stronger or the storyline which was more impressive, really it is a simple and easy game with some nice new spells and nice mazes.