Enjoyable, a little frustrating

Althought essentially the same game is available on the pc for free the 360 version does offer co-op play which I thoroughly enjoy, as well as online play that I've yet to try, because my student residence people don't allow me to connect to live, apparently takes up too much bandwidth, like anyone actually uses it for work...

I love the style, it looks the part, the only thing that annoys me is the inconsistant difficulty, I am stuck on merely 3 levels that stop me from progressing, and although I probably just suck it have enjoyed it immensly. The range of enimies, although small, is quite varied, and really inventive combinations of them creates a large set of excellent levels.

Co-op is something all games should have, it is an unbeaten experience to have a friend sitting next to you that you can scream at, and I love the co-op on N+, never fails to entertain.

Try the trial, then buy it


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