A long, enjoyable adventure which fuses two great aspects of gaming together. An RPG with a difference.

This game is pretty much amazing. It majorly improves on the original with many new features. The storyline is heavy in depth and at times, it can be moving. The journey all starts off as you controlling Roxas, a boy who who wasn't supposed to exist.

The new features of the game do aid the improvment of the game. In the World Map now, you can actually fly the Gummi Ship. Their are also new worlds including the everybody's-favourite Port Royal from the hit-film Pirates of The Carribean. Other new worlds include Space Paranoids (Tron), Pride Lands (Lion King), Land of The Dragons (Mulan) and the World That Never Was, which isn't a Disney World but the last level in the game in which is the Organisation XIII stronghold. In battle, there are now new Reaction commands which aid you in battle. During certain attacks in a boss battle, you can hit the triangle button, which allows you to counter their attack andperform a move which normally would not be able to be done. The Reaction command is also used instead of the X button if the player wishes to speak with characters or interact with the envronment.

The battle system with added features, Limits and Drives. A limit is an attack which you unleash with team mate and it is extremely powerful. Different team-mates have different limits. The Drive forms are obtained during different parts of the game. Drives are when Sora transforms into another form which gives him great boosts in battle.

The Story goes starts from a bit later where Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories left off. Roxas is a Nobody, a Nobody of Sora. A Nobody is a being which is the the outer shell of the person when he or she happens to turn into a Heartless. Roxas was persuaded to think that he was a resident of Twilight Town, by the mind-manipulater, Namie, who happens to be Kairi's Nobody. After Roxas discovers what's going on, he finds Sora and from there, embarks an epic adventure.