Whoevers saying this game is a 7 or up is crazy...

Ok let's start off with the good stuff..its "OK" the first 15 minutes..

Graphics:Blocky,crappy,and very surpisingly bad for the XBOX360..

Gameplay:Ok it's ok the first level but when you get to the 3rd lvl just put your controller down and never look at the game again because mostly,you'll just be playing the same boring repetitive level you just did 30 minutes ago..

Sound:The BGM is half decent,but soon enough you'll get tired of the shing of your sword and go do something else...

Value:Do Not Buy This Game, Do Not Rent This Game, Do Not Look At This Game When You Go Shopping One Day.

Replay Value:Do Not Replay If You Get It,But In The First Place, Don't Get It!!

I Give This A 1.1 out of 10....