brilliant realy good and gamply suberb aturly its the whole its brilliant

User Rating: 10 | WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006 PS2
The graphics are the best looking graphics i ever seen for the ps2. it is deffently the best wresterling game ever. the sound is superb, the comentary is good the entrances are realy good the crowd is suberb the voice acters are suberb for season mode. Now you get for the first time ever a gm mode which is fun.the season mode is much more improved and never reapeats. The gameplay is suberb much more detaled like a new stamina sytem the finshers are better and steel cage matches are more realistic. You have to fight the bar to climb out of the cage or anther bar for ecaping the door. The only one thing i think they could of done is maybe improved the last man stading its still a bit simple but that is the only fault i can say about this game the rest it is so good.there is also a buried alive match which is much better for the gameplay. The blood is much better and the hardcore matches are better.there is much much more unlockables which makes it last longer. This game is well worth getting i think it should get a 10 mainly becuse it realy deserves it