this game is poor!!

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i bought this game becuase i have bought everyone of them in the past. online i like to play becuase it normally fun etc


the loading menus are really slow takes forever

online gameplay is slow laggy and players just always do the same move until your player has gone.

and i paid 37.99 for this game and im giving it back tomoro. not worth the money always reversals happen every 2nd etc. boring game. online has got worst.


i mean it takes ages for to find a game online a decent one. and then it doesnt find one and i spend most of my time looking for games. boring waste of time

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Really? If someone keeps reversing you, then reverse back. Reversals is all part of wrestling (real and games) I haven't had any problems with slow loading(yet), and while I have had occasional lag in some online matches, I have also had plenty that were smooth as a babys bottom.

And with players doing the same moves, thats pretty much been the same the past few years (assuming you mean running attacks and grapples.) I also haven't had that difficult of a time finding a match, and if I don't find one I just make one, and people usually end up joining.

I spent $60 bucks on this game, and its the best $60 I have spent in a while, and possibly the best wrestling game I have played. This game is great. At least it isn't like SVR 2011 it was near impossible to join a match due to DLC differences, and when you finally did join a match people would glitch the hell out of it by glitching into the crowd, freezing players, and winning matches before they even start.

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i think im going to give it a chance and time. and when my internet upgrades to fibre optic and wait and see. add me if your on ps2 sh4h_-_7 i can play with you etc.

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I also have the 360 version, not sure if ps3 and 360 have an differences. :p

Either way, I would reccomend you give the game another chance. Once you get use to reversing and such, it really is a fun game. I use to say WWF No Mercy was the best wrestling game, but this one is really making me change my mind about that. If you still don't like it after that, then I suppose its just not your type of game.

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Try putting in on your hard drive is all you can really do if you don't like the load times, To me though they are more then acceptable compared to one of them in the past it was like a load screen every 30 seconds.Online some people try playing with poor connections so even if you have a great connection it will lag but so far when I had a person with a great connection it lags half a second at the begining then it is smooth from there the whole match.
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I didn't have any problems Online until I downloaded the Update today now I can't got into CC and can't find a match at all.

They fix one thing and break another in the process, typical THQ.

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Do you have it installed? I have had no problem with load times.

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yeah i cannot seem to find a game. now so i dont bother otherwise im kind of enjoying the game,


and dont know mate i just put cd in and the game loads. and thats it then i start playing