One thing that bothers me about this game

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The only thing that bugs me about this game is that some superstars have more than one character (example Triple H, Rock, Stone Cold etc) and they take up roster spots. I would have like the game to have mid card guys who are rarely seen on TV, people like JTG, Mason Ryan, etc Because I use was planning on using those guys in my universe mode. People Like Rock, Triple H and Stone Cold should only have on character and just have their attitude era costumes and entrances as alternate apperances not taking up roster spots (thus cutting some people from the current roster out of the game). But is not a huge deal breaker for me, still getting the game at the end of the month for my B-Day or if its on sale black friday (I would get it today but I am getting limited edition Halo 4 next week so I could only afford one right now). But anyway correct me if I am wrong, but what do you guys think?

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Two things bother me: New age Outlaws entrance and the fact that they still haven't fixed stables. As in, wrestlers can't be in more than one team still.
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That's because they censored the game. Godfather's entrance he's supposed to exclaim come get on the ho train. They cut that part of his entrance music out. Shouldn't Billy Gunn's tights say Mr Ass on them? New age outlaws entrance should have road dogg on the mic. Stone cold should be flipping off the crowd on all four turnbuckles. Instead they blur his hands whenever he flips someone off. I thought we were getting authentic attitude era. Turns out we got family friendly edits and blurred digits.