Just got WWE 13. Can anyone answer my universe questions?

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I barely just started universe and I'm in the second week. But I have a few questions. Can you have 3 shows and brands all with their own titles? I think I wanna have a WWE, WCW and TNA roster. I tried editing and replacing superstars but apparently I can't replace it with a show that has titles or do I need to make a brand or something?

Is there anyway to put superstars in a feud or keep track of the on going feuds? Can storylines be created as you wish or are they all simulated to happen? Should epic matches be used for top PPV matches or any big time matches? lastly, if I want to end the brand split like it is now can I do it and how? because I tried adding the smackdown roster to raw but it won't let me do it.

I haven't even played WWE 12 or SD vs RAW 2011. The last one before this I played was 2010 so I don't know much about how universe works and any help is appreciated.

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Edit I didn't mean for the double threads, I thought it wasn't posted before.