GameInformer review 9/10 (WWE 12 5.5/10)

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It shows that WWE 12 was complete trash and that WWE 13 is far superior. Ign WWE 12 9/10 WWE 13 8.4/10. Ign and Gamespot (cause we know GS will score it 8/10 or lower) don't knWe how to review Games. Except GS got it right with Resident Evil 6. If your hesitate bout buying WWE 13 go to GameInformer takes the time when reviewing games and there honest. 

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C'mon Resident evil 6 is good its the best : -zombies are back -new kind of Zombies -B.O.Ws are great and well created -Agent Hunt Mode is great , new idea , play as B.O.Ws and infected zombies anyway if U loved RE 5 and 4 then U R Going to love this WWE'13 looks great , but GS didnt review it until now WHY?