can someone give me their honest opinion?

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hi guys im a wrestling fan but over the last few yrs i felt like the thq wrestling game series got boring for me pretty fast,my last was svr 2011 but wwe 13 actually looks like its pretty good can any of you guys who have the game whats your take on it? is it as awesome as the trailers and stuff make it out to be? thanks in advance guys,if this helps my face wrestling games of all time was wwf no mercy,day of reckoning,hctp, and the very 1st smackdown vs raw,and also svr 09.

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Personally, I think this game is great. Its similar to WWE 12, but more polished, much bigger roster, a great campaign mode that gives you objectives/missions (attitude era). All the customization that was in previous games, plus a little more is also there, including a belt creator. You can even use your created arenas online (couldnt do that in WWE 12). As I said in a diff post, I use to consider WWF No Mercy my favorite wrestling game, but I have been hooked on this since I got it, and this game may end up being my favorite.

Attitude era stuff definiteley helps, but they fixed up a lot of glitches (from what I noticed) and the reversal system is better.

I can't give you much of an opinion on WWE universe mode yet, since I have been building up my rosters for it, but overall, I think this is the best wrestling game I have played in a while.

Hope that helps :P

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its awesome. best wrestling game for sure.
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I only have played through attitude era mode so far and I am enjoying the gameplay it feels near perfect with the pacing and how you do the moves. It is fun to play with infinite finishers on. Plus the attitude era roster is awsome. I have played a match or two online and it lags half a second at the begining if everyone has good connections. If you play someone with a poor connection it will lag through the whole match (not really thq's fault on that one) You still have your hackers online as well. Personally I thought i was gonna play it for a week and sell it but this is the first game I am keeping since HCTP instead of flipping. If your a big attitude era fan youll enjoy this game. A side note on the gameplay there isnt any clipping issues and 99.9 percent of the moves connect so far. I am happy with what I have gotten through so far. It is a fun game and it takes me alot to draw me into a wrestling game for longer then a week.
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And they finally fixed the damn servers.

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This game was worth the buy.