Any new additions to universe mode this year?

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The best thing I've found so far is that you can now vacate titles whenever you want instead of having to wait for the game to offer up a championship match. Also, there are a lot fewer unlockables associated with Universe mode this year. The vast majority of unlockables are obtained by completing the Attitude Era mode.

The problem with Universe mode is that there's no real tangible reward for having particular people as champion. Sure, you might get a new title if you have Rey Mysterio win a championship, but other than completion there's no real point. Eventually Universe mode just ends up being a random assortment of champions or a set of champions that you're proud of. But in the end having a person hold a belt doesn't yield any differences from if they didn't (beyond a fancy entrance).


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You can also now add custom belts, new shows entirely and there's a title history in game. It's more customizable if not completely this time around with very little restriction.