a few questions about universe and inactive superstars

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i've just finished putting a lot of wrestlers in the 'inactive' roster. specifically the new wrestlers because i simply cannot stand them.


even though they're inactive, they're still appearing in cutscenes bashing people and whatever. i'm not sure if universe will put them in a match or not because as i said i just finished editing it, but it's frustrating because i don't want to see them at all, no matter what. is there something i'm missing here?


and wasn't there suppose to be a LOT of new cutscenes? when one finally happens, it seems to be a rehashed one.

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each major show needs their own Roster, so make sure that you have another Roster with at least 15 superstars set for the show you want to replace.

for instance, since i also dont like the new WWE superstars...
i have 4 Major Shows..

Monday - RAW IS WAR
- attitude Era WWF superstars set in the RAW IS WAR Roster slot.

Tuesday - ECW
- ECW CAW's from the WWE community set in a custom ECW Roster slot.

Thursday - Smackdown
- Current WWE Superstars (which i dont know half of them) set in the Smackdown Roster spot.

Friday - WCW Nitro
- WCW wrestlers from the game like Bret hart, Booker T, DDP, Rey Mysterio and more, set in a Custom WCW Roster