The best PS3 WWE '12 league ever

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Tired of playing ranked AND even player matches when all that happens is you get spammed to death? I know I am! Which is why we've created Virtual Championship Wrestling, Or VCW rather Why should you join VCW? I'll tell you why VCW Has a growing roster with real superstars adding realism and competitiveness to the league We have added a new concept into our site, where you can take on a story on VCW and participate in matches and promos to keep the feud/story going. We are delighted to include NXT into our leagues, in NXT you will start off as your very own custom made rookie and compete against the other rookies to earn a VCW contract and to progressively improve your rookies ability. We also have a medals system, this is where you earn medals for achievements in games and on the site. take a look at the medals information topic to find out more. We are dedicated to making our projects work, we spend a lot of time trying to make this experience better for you and we believe we have innovated impressively to bring you what we can offer you on this current day. A friendly community. Regular site updates e.g. the homepage The management team have vast experience, knowledge and qualifications to host and bring you this gaming website. Unique Championship belts, we have devised our very own World Title, UK Title, Intercontinental and Tag Team Titles So check out VCW today!
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what the heck dude, you forgot to mention NSG and if they dont prefer real stars that we have a caw league as well IOW