Really? Taunting better not Fill the Momentum bar in WWE 13!

#1 Posted by Norrie91 (2444 posts) -

Or I'm just done with WWE Games.

All people do in this now is run to the nearest F***ing corner to taunt their asses off.

Really? Thats peoples idea of fun now? Just Tapping the Directional Buttons 'till you have your finishers then literally do nothing but that untill someone comes near you or your in danger of losing the match.

Its sad really 40-60 £/$ just to tap on the F***ing direction pad.

Does no one want a good competitive match anymore? I don't give a crap if I win or loose as long as the match was long (between 5mins to an hour [MITB matches]) and it was competitive and not completly one sided and over in under 2mins.

And while I'm talking about longetivity WTF is it with people leaving just because their loosing at that point in the match theirs always the chance they could come back but no they just quit and leave us with a stupid AI that messes up most matches, an here I thought people Hated Loading Screens, aparently I was wrong.