Stop whining about hard games.

The Good- I'm sick of reviewers always crying because "WAH WAH WAH I died and now I have to play through that area and I can't beat the game so I can get the SWEET EXTRAS!!!!" When you play Mega Man Zx you are going to die. A LOT. And that's completely cool because this game is teaching you how to play it. It's not one of those sissy games with tutorials that hold your hand through the whole thing and give you the illusion of accomplishment. You will feel the accomplishment on your thumbs. Games need to be more like the original Mega Man (games that force you to learn how to play them right, or you die.) You know maybe if more games were like Mega Man Zx, people wouldn't suck so much at games and they'd give games like Zx the justice they deserve. (Here's looking at Contra and Ghosts and Goblins). Anyway I suppose I should point out a few details about the game for those who can't read the box. It's an adventure game. It's free roaming. It's HUGE. In Zx you basically have all the awesome blasting power of X combined with the killing slashing power of Zero. This still isn't enough to keep you alive. All the elemental suits you get pretty much rule. Expect eight majorMega Man X like bosses with less stupid names. They all rule.

The Bad- Honestly my biggest gripe about the game is that during the quests they could give you a little better directions on how to get from area to area as it's common to get lost all the time. The world is huge and you don't go through areas in a linear manner. There are teleporters in almost every major area though. The Awesome- The hidden boss in Zx makes me want to cry for love of all things Mega Man. He's unrelentingly tough. Basically if you're someone like me who takes much more pleasure from games that challenge you, you're probably going to faint out of joy or something when you fight this boss. Same with the last boss. I'll say it again. I LOVE Mega Man.

The Bottom Line- Either get better at games or stop crying. This is the only hardcore adventure game I've played for years. That's enough to give it a nice juicy high rating.