Final Fantasy XI is a great and fun loving MMO that all FF fans should play.

Final Fantasy XI is a great and fun loving MMO that all FF fans should play. The game would prob. also appeal more to those who have experience in MMO's, considering its a bit more difficult to jump into and get the hang of things. I will warn that the controls themselves will scare many people off because its something totally different than the usual w,s,a,d keys. However, you can change it to those keys if you choose to. The UI itself isn't so bad but will take a few minutes to familiarize.

Once you kick things off though and get a grip on the controls, the game offers a massive world which to explore. You'll start out in a major city, and basically have to pay attention to what the NPC's are telling you, it's a little tedious but if your'e patient and follow what they ask you, they will guide you to the outside world, where your quest truly begins.

The music in the game is truly amazing as expected. I was surprised with the graphics considering how old it is. It's still a beautiful game, but you will be able to see its age as you progress.

Overall, Final Fantasy XI is a solid MMO. It should not be compared to others, as the game sets its own standard. IF you are a true FF fan, you'll fall in love with the game regardless.

I will say though, considering how long it took to install the game, playOnline viewer, waiting for my trial key, and then updating everything. I was seriously about to jump in my car, drive 5 mins to GameStop and try the Xbox version instead.(Which has a 30 day trial instead of 14)