Review for Real Baseball fans.

Im one of the only people that actually liked Last years game, mainly because of the realistic pitching and sim style during GM modes. (Ever notice that in EA games, the most unlikely teams make the playoffs?)

Anyways 2K7 blows it out of the water in lots of different ways.

If you ever played MVP 05 (and most people swear by it) than the hitting angle will be right up your alley, since its pretty much identical. The cam is pretty much right on the catchers helmet, and you can either use the swing stick or button batting. I turned on the Pitch Zoom cam, so the hitting angle starts out more from the umpires stance, than as the pitcher winds up it zooms right into the Strike Zone, and it looks as realistic as Ive seen. I suggest you use the option too.

More or less the same as last years, except no more mashing buttons to make the guys run faster.

The true heart of the game. Single player pitching is a gem, and wasnt changed too much from last years. As with everything else this year, the graphics are better, and the catcher now calls pitches for every pitch (and you can shake him off and throw what you want). The goal of pitching is to move the icon to where you want it, hold the button for the pitch you want, and the yellow circle begins to grow. The larger you let the circle grow, the more velocity it will have, and the more stamina you will lose. When the circle gets as big as you want it too, let the button go and it will shrink, and you have to re-hit the button when it gets back to the circles starting size (thats for the accuracy)

Although the fielding isnt as bad as last years, it didnt get much improvement. The players run smoothly enough, but the camera angle needs to be a little higher up, in my opinion. Atmosphere-
Awesome. Playing as the Sox in Yankee Stadium you'll hear the Yankee Roll call, and lots of graphical nuggets like birds, blimps and stadium signs do a good job of bringing the game to life. Lots of awesome replays and cutscenes keep the game fun. The crowd volume could have used a bit more. When its the top of the ninth and theres two outs in a one run game, Fenway is usually jumping. This game, not so much even with the crowd volume up.

Graphics= Awesome, Gameplay=Improved, Fun factor= Through the roof.
Time will tell how the Dynasty/GM modes are, I havent gotten into them yet. But its all your going to get on 360 this year, and its def worth it. Great Baseball game!