Pac-man, not one of the better games to get on the wii's virtual console, but still, a pretty good classic game.

The good parts of this game is the the gameplay, the gameplay is the same as it has been for the past 27 years. The old sound effects will surely bring back memories of playing it on the arcade. There is the same challenge to it and everything. The bad parts of this game is the controls, i think the controls dont respond very well and pac man is really tough to control on turns and things like that. If you have played this game a lot on the arcade or on some other console or something like that, you'll find this game boring really quick and the gameplay tedious. The whole thing is repetitive, you just go around and collect these little yellow dots and dodge enemies and that is it. Overall, for the family, it is a really good game, but if you plan on playing it by yourself, pass this one up, it is just not that good playing by yourself.