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User Rating: 7 | World War III: Black Gold PC
I played a little of Earth 2150 and The Moon Project, both games being fair to good in my mind. I liked the latter better, and the graphics such as night combat was fantastic for a 3D RTS. The complexity of the matter didn't bother me at all. World War III was a letdown, because the feel of the game took another turn. Instead of being fought in the future, it is being fought in the present. OK, nothing wrong with that, but because we're in the present, it's much easier to see the shortcoming of the game, such as having no infantry. APCs are practically worthless since their firepower isn't very high and the reason for their existence - to carry troops, doesn't factor into the game. There are no infantry and the ones that do command the machine guns on top of vehicles look like Legos. Things like this, the limitation (the games is really a tank/gunship RTS game) of the units involved, doesn't make it have any world war appeal. The 3 factions don't really mean anything special, they all tend to blend together. In other words, don't except a Starcraft like strategy game. On the other hand, the weather effects are nice and the unit details is fair. The enemy AI does use the rushing technique in skirmishes. There's still the technology tree and construction windows, although you'd come to expect it.