Resident evil 4 is truly an amazing game but it is let down by its poor controls and average visuals

When we heard that Resident Evil 4 was being planed for release on our humble PC, we started to get very excited. Resident Evil has always been at the forefront of the survival horror genre and CAPCOM have proven, once more, that Resident Evil is the granddaddy of all horror games. Resident evil 4 is one scary and twisted game. From the get go you are thrown into a deep end of dread and horror. There isn’t a moment in the game where you don’t feel like someone or something is going to jump out at you. The game keeps you on your toes through out the experience and keeps you absorbed and entertained through out.

In the game, the player takes control of a survivor of the Raccoon City disaster, now turned US secret agent, Leon S. Kennedy. His mission is to rescue the American president’s daughter Ashley Graham, who was kidnapped and taken to some European country by an unknown group. The game gets going quickly and things get from bad to worse and finally terrible very early in. The pacing of the game is well done with the game getting more challenging as the player progresses through and the story unravels. But unfortunately the game does have its faults and boy do they show.

Lets’ start with the really bad news and work our way up to the good news, that sounds fair… First off, Resident Evil 4 is a console to PC port, yes one of those. Now don’t get me wrong, there have been some great console ports over the years but unfortunately Resident Evil 4 isn’t the best. It’s plagued by shocking and I mean shocking controls. It’s better than most ports but still way below par. You can play the whole game using one hand and four fingers… count them FOUR! But what really gets me is the developers’ inability to integrate the mouse into the game play. I’m sure many people just love the idea of trying to aim using four keys but some bright scientist some where created a mouse to allow for more natural control…Either way, by far the hardest part of this game is getting used to the control scheme.

The next problem comes down to looks… Don’t get me wrong, Resident Evil 4 isn’t an ugly duckling, not by a long shot but it doesn’t live up to 2007 standards. If you think about the amazing visuals that games have achieved over the last few years, its almost unacceptable for a game that is released in 2007 to look as “plain” as Resident Evil 4 looks. Irrespective of its short comings Resident Evil 4 is still an almighty game. It’s been awhile since a game has had such an absorbing story and amazing production value. Playing the game is like watching a very well made piece of Hollywood horror. The game is dynamic and a joy to play, well other than the controls, and is truly one of the best, if not THE best survival horror game ever made. A special mention to the way combat takes place is a must. When you ready your weapon, you can no longer move around and are limited to aim in the general direction you are facing. This can be perceived as a short coming but the feeling of not knowing what’s behind you makes for some very intense and tricky fights. The need to lower your weapon to check your flank and rear makes the game feel more real and believable. The developers have really done their homework and know how to freak and scare the pants off the player. Every scene seems to have been carefully constructed to ensure maximum effect and drama and the production value of this game is almost movie quality. But the really amazing thing about resident evil 4 is that after completing the game, you can unlock a new playable character with which to play through a side plot. This addition makes finishing the game a must for fans and anyone half interested in what happened while you went about on your killing spree. Speaking of which, you no longer fight against zombies in the sense, well not dead ones. The Spanish speaking, pitchfork yielding, citizens of the European village are fierce foes. They attack in groups and are extremely fast and hard to take down, most times not even a well placed head shot would bring them down. As the game progresses, the player finds out the reasons behind their insane devotion to killing the player and their relentless assaults. Needless to say, some all ghosts appear from the Raccoon City incident and some shocking twists are in store for the player.

Resident Evil 4 is a great game with one big flaw. If you own a console controller then Resident evil 4 would be a breeze to play, if not, I suggest getting one because playing this game with the standard keyboard layout is like trying to drive a truck, a painful chore. Other than this one draw back, it’s a very entertaining game with plenty of thrills and spills to keep you going until Resident evil 5. Well worth a try.