Wario is the twisted cousin of Mario & he plays in a damn strange unique game.

Wario Land 3 is a very simple game released on the original GameBoy but it has something it makes it special-an eerie feeling & music that seems to fit perfect a lot of classic horror movies & beeing only black & white, it amplifies this feeling.In other words, this game is an insane asylum:)
It also has a Super Mario World feeling in it but i don't dare to compare it with one of the Greatest Games of all Time.Wario Land 3 is just a spin-off & must be treated so.
There are 7 Worlds with a total of 40 levels-Rice Beach, Mt.Teapot, Sherbet Island, Stove Canyon, SS Tea Cup, Parsley Woods & Syrup Castle.It has a very simple & exact gameplay.Throughout the game you will gather coins & 15 special items to store them & give them to the Gennie at the end of the game.The gennie is evil & has captured the princess(wow, what else he could have) but after you beat him the Syrup Castle will be destroyed & he will become good.He will create Wario a type of Castle depending on the amount of treasure you gathered.
In the game, Wario picks-up some interesting Power-Ups like a jetpack, a flamethrower, a viking hat & other stuff.At the middle of each level you can insert a coin into a slot to save the progress.At the end of each world you will fight a Big Weird creature.
Give this game a try, you will be pretty amazed proving that you don't need technology & fancy stuff to create a good game.