Are you enough of a Poker Stud to win the World Series of Poker. Find out by playing the pros with your own poker face.

User Rating: 8 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions X360
Hi All, I grew up playing poker for Lunch Money at school. Videogames or PCs did not exist and would not for many years. Do you think you are enough of a Poker Stud to enter and win the World Series of Poker. Find out if you have the right Poker Skills to know when to fold, when to hold em and when to bluff. Real Poker for Real Money is not a fast paced game, its slow and tension filled. World Series of Poker captures this real world poker feel perfectly, even down to players comments and actions. If you have the time and it will take a long time, you can complete through all World Series of Poker events. There is a fast play mode, but the default 3D setup is the best for practicing for the Real Thing. The game AI is Excellent, so if you can handle and slow pace and win in the game, you stand a good chance of winning in real card rooms and casinos. You can even put your own face in the game and pick your outfit, hair style, etc. World Series of Poker is slow and fun, just like real playing for money Poker. A good buy for anyone wishing to improve their Poker Skills.