Unless You got time... don't even bother

User Rating: 5.9 | World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions X360
Ok where do i even begin, i'll start with the good cause theirs not that much to say! The over all graphics of this next Gen Poker game are fantastic, some of the characters could look a little a little better, but hey not everyone is perfect. the sound is well annoying very annoying.... someone get that girl some Allergy medication!!!! that sneezing has got to go... i mean once every 30 minutes is ok, but god not every 2 seconds! Ok now this is where it gets bad, now when u think poker you think random, and a game of chance with somewhat of some skill behind it... knowing when to call and when to fold. But this game brings a whole new level to irritating games! you pull pocket Aces, then u pull one off the flop, three of a kind right, well to make a long story short the computer will come out of nowhere with the last ace, and some how come out with a full house on the turn, and the river cards.... i mean does anyone else have as bad luck as me.... my hate for this game has grown and grown, with the over whelming odds that the Computer has to win!

i haven't tried the Online yet, so i won't rule that out as a good feature yet. but to those new to the poker world be weary, this game takes no prisoners, so don't take it lightly. but u will give Activison mad props with the cool web cam feature, it brings a whole new meaning to putting on your game face!