It's good even on my slow computer! Here's a review for people who are thinking about getting the game.

User Rating: 9.4 | World of Warcraft PC
I first got this because I wanted a game to try out and I bought the 14 day trial. I liked it so on the last day I rushed out to Best Buy. They didn't have it, but Meijer did. Strange. Anyway. This game was good right from the start. You don't get logged down on tons of text, history, or background information. That's all in the gam manual but makes for a good short read if you're bored.

The combat system starts out basic. You basically keep swinging over and over. Over time you get trianers for your class (Ex: Master Warrior) that teach you new abilitites. For the right price, or course. The best way to make money when you start is to just grind (Stay in the same place and kill monstors) and loot their bodies. You get things that you can sell to the general shop in the area you start at. You should probably stay in the beginning are until you are level 5 at least. Some of the lotting will give you armor and weaponry to equip. You usually want to hang on to that.

Armor and weapons in this break eventually because of their durability. Every item has a set amount of durability (Ex: 45, 20) that when it runs oout will be useless. That's why you should hang on to all your extra armor and weapons. They can be stored in your bank for whne you need them.

Finally, the subject of death. When you die, you start out by a great spiritt that will bring you back at the cost of 25% durability of all your wepaons and armor that is equipped. You DO NOT want to do that. The other option is to fly around as your spirit and find your body (which is conviniently marked on your map) and click revive when you get close enough. You will then come back around where you were depending on where you click revive and have lost no items or durability.

That's pretty much it.

Wait, one more thing. If you buy the demo, then prepare for MAJOR installation. Every time you think you can finally play it, it says "New Updates! Update Now?" and you can only click yes. It's pretty much torture. After it's done, you'll end up with a solid MMORPG. Definently check this out if you're an expert or beginner to the genre. Genuma