Very nice

Dead Rising 2 is one of those games you almost fill yourself with delight when you first play it. This game is so stuffed with zombies, ready for massacre that you'll be hooked from the off.
One of the games best features is the weapon combinations you pick up as you play. You can experiment & the results are often hilarious & highly gruesome. The acting & dialogue are often cheesey & Chuck is such a wuss at times but when he's in the mix he can slay with gusto. and finish story with zombie kill campaign..

But after some level and stage game play like repeated same zombie.. zombie zombie which really bore. Gameplay is not good. control like hell. not fast gameplay. save system also not very good.
which really disappoint me and my friends. and we deside never play this game in future. but still this game have attraction, we change our mind and start killing zombies again....