I enjoyed this game greatly. You have better enjoyed it to or I am going to get agent Clank on your hide faster then u

My gosh when I saw the opening credits of "agent" clank I thought what did I get my self into. Althought the opening credits stunk this game is solid. The graphics rock,the sound is pumping,and the gameplay is smooth and fun. I beleive that this game is the best game I have ever have played(it is amoung my favorites with Halo 2 and the Sly games). The story line is great mixed with saving planets, ocasional humer, and my favorate part blowing things up! The weapons in this game are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed this game emensoly. I give this game a ten out of ten! Thank you Insomniac for giving us gamers a gift of a revolutionary experiance. If Insomniac is reading I would love to meet the creater of this game( humbly of course :-p). ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1