Need a scroll of resurrection? post here

#1 Posted by cristicent (25 posts) -
Anyone need a scroll of res? you get free upgrade to cataclysm and an instant lvl 80 character+ free 7 days to play,should I say you get some items and fly mount ? ^_^
#2 Posted by Bolt4Life17 (51 posts) -

I need one. My email is

#3 Posted by cristicent (25 posts) -

I need one. My email is

Sent you one,if you buy one month,and you come to sylvanas i will support you with 1k gold ^^
#4 Posted by wowfast (25 posts) -
can you send me one too PLZ my email is
#6 Posted by Etwn0810 (25 posts) -
Send me your character name and realm and I'll get you one right away.
#7 Posted by aknotts415 (25 posts) -
I need one too char name is Arthens on Gorefiend! :-) THanks :-) Email is
#8 Posted by kreaitbe (25 posts) -
i want one :D ekydore / chromaguss
#9 Posted by Oreojen (25 posts) -
[QUOTE="kreaitbe"]i want one :D ekydore / chromaguss

#10 Posted by Matrix (1455 posts) -

I need one. - StevieWy on Magtheridon. I'm on the 10 day trial right now for Pandaria. Please send me one :-D