Looking too RAF (Recruit a Friend) Details inside

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I have gotten back into playing and I am really loving it. So I am wondering if anyone wants to actually join in and play WoW with me. I have a group of friends. 4 including me. So you can be the 5th in our team and we can easily destroy instances haha.

East Coast. Tuesday Thursday and Saturday I will be on after 4pm because of school but until late

Either than those days I can get on whenever. I am looking for any causal players.

PM me if you want me to recruit you :)

I am 17 in College.

Friends are 18,18, and 16 (He is a cousin of a friend)

We talk on skype but nothing serious. We are jokesters and we do use profanity. So if you get offended easily we may not be your crowd.

The meeting level has decided to be 60. We are doing alliance because we have done horde plenty. We have a pally tank (me), a pally dps, I think my friend may be a healer already, not sure. So both dps and healer spots are for take.

I am a casual player. I don't spend every second on this game like it is my life. But I do try to mostly get on every day and do a good 2-3 hours in a sit in. Sometimes of course, the no lifer in me kicks in and I play countless of hours lol.

I am level 41. So you may have to play catch up. Which I'll gladly help with.

So a quick recap:

Realm: Arthas

Faction: Alliance

Can either be heals or dps

Level meet-up is 60 (I am whiling to help)

We use skype and we do d**k around. Not for the weak harted lol

Do we do BGs: Friends love that s**t. Once we hit same level most likely.

Now if this all sounds ok to you... Welcome to the group :)

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Yeah, alright. I'm dowm.
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PM me, and we will work out the RAF details.