account upgrade question

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hey, i just started a starter account and i know once you get to level 20 i have to upgrade the account, my question is i have to purch all the expansions to be able to access there content or can i just buy mists of pandaria and still enjoy the other expansions?

thanks :)

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Start over we can do raf

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We should do recruit a friend. We earn double exp lvling together to lvl 80.

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that doesnt answer my question tho ?

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You buy the game you get to lvl up 70 burning crusade, then you have to buy lk if you want to lvl to 80, then you have to buy cata to get to 85, then you have to buy mop to get to 90.

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you can buy digital battle chest for 10 pounds or 15 euro and you get wow+ BC+ wotlk and one free month ^_^