"A Zelda that is among the Legend's"

This Zelda may not be the best Zelda (second best) but shows nintendo still got it. From the start i noticed that there where no voices which kinder turned me off from it, but then getting into it (like 5mins) the game gets right into it which kept me playing. As gamespot said it seems the controls where just stuck on, which i would disagree i think it makes the game better and the way it should have been years ago, from aiming your bow, to unleashing the power of the sword on you foes. This game is big, but not so big that makes you walk around for hours wondering "where the hell am I?" The puzzels in this game aren't like mind-blowing but they are just right so they make you think which are the best. In this game there are people that you would see in the 64 version which give it a nice touch, but i was angry to see that there where not enough to bring back the good memories like "lon lon ranch" and the girl from the woods "Sarah" which made me mad but soon got over it. Anyway i could be writing all day about this game, but i will say this, got a "Wii" get this game, if you don't have a "wii" well your missing out, get a wii then buy this game.